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  • How do I get Glatfelter insurance coverage?

    Just ask your local agent or broker to get coverage.

    Need an agent? We can help!

  • Is Glatfelter coverage available in my state?

    Our coverage is available in all 50 states with the following exceptions:

    • Senior Living Facilities in AK, DC, HI, CA and WV
    • Workers’ Compensation in ND, OH, WA and WY
  • Is premium financing available?

    We don’t offer premium financing. We do offer premium payments on installments based on the amount of the total annual policy premiums.

  • What home healthcare franchises are qualified to use Glatfelter products?

    The following home healthcare franchises currently qualify:

    • Acti-Kare
    • Aegin Place
    • Age Advantage
    • Always Best Care Senior Services
    • Americare
    • Comfort Keepers
    • ComForcare Senior Services
    • First Light Home Care
    • Home Care Assistance
    • Home Helpers
    • Home Instead
    • Homewatch International
    • LAS/Visiting Angels
    • Right at Home
    • Seniors Choice
    • Senior Helpers
    • Synergy Home Care
  • Do you offer Hired and Non-Owned Automobile Liability Coverage?

    Yes. There is an additional premium charge for this coverage, but it is available if you qualify.

  • Do you offer Medical Malpractice Coverage for physicians?

    We don’t offer individual policies for physicians or physician groups. However, we do include physicians as “additional insureds” under our Hospice and Home Healthcare Liability Coverage policy while they’re working on behalf of your organization. Each physician must be specifically endorsed by name on each policy for coverage to apply.

  • When and how do I report a claim?

    Even if you don’t have all of the necessary information, contact your local agent as soon as possible after an incident occurs. This begins the claims process. Learn more here.

  • What’s a deductible?

    As it pertains to first-party automobile and property claims (a claim you file with your own insurance company), the deductible is the amount you've agreed to pay out of your pocket before your insurance provider pays for any covered losses. For example, if you suffer a $10,000 covered loss and you selected a $1,000 policy deductible – you would be responsible to pay $1,000 and your insurance provider would pay $9,000.

  • How long does the claims process take?

    Each claim is unique and there are a lot of factors the go into this process – so we really can’t say. We can say that we realize the potential burden that a claim can pose on an organization and we do our best to have claims processed as quickly as possible.

  • What does "subrogation" mean?

    Subrogation is the process of an insurance provider pursuing funds from the party that is responsible for the loss. The amount will include any deductible applied to the loss. Once recovered, you will be reimbursed the appropriate amount of the deductible.

  • What should I do if I receive a lawsuit?

    If you receive a lawsuit, contact your agent immediately and provide them with copies of the suit papers.

  • If we are sued, will the insurance company provide a lawyer?

    After reviewing a lawsuit, an insurance company will discuss the case with you and assign defense counsel if that coverage exists under the terms and conditions of your policy.