Vehicle Accident Report

When an accident happens:

  1. Stop immediately, avoid obstructing traffic if possible. Put out emergency reflectors. Warn oncoming traffic UNLESS PERSONAL SAFETY IS JEOPARDIZED.
  2. Notify Management and advise of injuries.
    Management should:
    • notify police,
    • notify medical aid to respond.
  3. Aid the injured.
  4. Obtain name and address of investigating police officer and badge number.
  5. Obtain facts about damages to your vehicle.
  6. Obtain facts about damages to other vehicle(s) and/or property damage.
  7. Take photos of damaged vehicle(s) if able.
  8. Obtain witness contact information.
  9. Describe facts about injured person(s).
  10. Describe the accident on the accident report.
  11. Never admit liability or agree to pay for damages.
  12. Do not discuss the accident except with police, or with your management representative.
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