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Auto Safety

Safe driving practices and accident documentation tools

Transporting Residents In Owned And Non-Owned Autos

Senior living and home healthcare organizations often rely on the use of owned and non-own...


Passenger Van Transportation Safety

Large passenger vans can pose a safety risk to inexperienced van drivers and other road us...


Vehicle Accident Report

Print this sample form and keep one in every vehicle used by your organization.


Drive Safe

This 11-minute “Drive Safe” training video addresses what can be done to drive more safely...


Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents, accounting for approxima...


Non-Owned Auto Exposures

Proper risk management will help reduce the liability exposures present with employee and ...


Driving Monitoring Systems

Driver monitoring systems can be used to help identify potential “risky” behaviors.


Dangers of Driving in the Rain

Does your company or organization use 15-passenger vans to transport employees? Summer rai...


Asleep at the Wheel

More than 103 million people have reported actually falling asleep at the wheel. Take a pe...


Vehicle Fleet Risk Control

Many companies have vehicles to help support business operations. The fleet can be as larg...


Motor Vehicle Accident Infographic

Not only can motor vehicle accidents be costly to employers but fatal to their employees.


Winter Weather Driving

There are many factors to consider when getting on the road during winter weather.


Distracted Driving Infographic

What is distracted driving? How can you help prevent it?

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